Lyon Gear’s New Mitsubishi ZE24B Gear Grinder

Lyon Gear has completed a purchase of a Mitsubishi ZE 24B Gear Grinder Machine!

The ZE24B Gear Grinder is designed for mass production with an automatic parts loader. Lyon Gear’s new equipment can perform gear tooth polishing with a single setup using a compound grinding/polishing wheel. The outstanding speed and precision, coupled with short tooling change time, enable enhanced productivity in the manufacture of high-precision gears used in applications such as heavy truck transmission systems.

This machine accommodates gears with outer diameters up to 240 millimeters with high reliability and maintainability means your parts are manufactured accurately every time with the support of our experienced staff.

If you are looking for open gear grinding capacity, look no further than Lyon Gear! Check out the Video link below to see our Gear Grinder in action!